General Information:

Projects are a total of 6 hours to complete, usually done in 60 or 90 minute sessions. One completed project is needed to count the 4H year in the record book. 4H members can do as many or few projects as they like.  Project days and times are varied.  Project can be done on most any subject; the link page has the 4H project sheets that give specific items to cover in a project if ideas are needed. We are always looking for parents to help lead or assist in a project.

Upcoming Projects:  

Swine (you need room to raise pigs) 

Crafts: Fall 2018

Gourd Art: Fall 2018

Flower Arranging:  at Sept. County Fair, Annual Projects start again in Oct.

Mad Science: Fall 2018


Rabbit Project – ongoing

Shooting Sports-  ongoing

Past projects




Flower arranging


Horse care

Goat care

Hiking/Photography Project